This is us.  The one showing lots of shoulder (in her Chengdu, China Marine Ball ball gown!) is the EFM who writes this blog. The one wearing a tux (James) is the employee who moves her (and their two sons) around all over the world. The red link, below, is how you can get in touch with me...

The time in Chengdu, China

Chengdu: city of fabulous food and beautiful Buddhist monasteries!
Yes, Beijing's Forbidden City (pictured, above) is really pretty and all, but I like Chengdu much better than Beijing!

In Our Same Boat (with State)

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One of the most intriguing things about Chengdu is that it is a seamless blend of ancient and modern... all together, side by side.

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The grounds of Chengdu monasteries can be very, very peaceful...even though they are smack dab in the heart of a city of millions of people.


Yes, there are Starbucks in Chengdu! All over the place, in fact. So much so, Starbucks even crafted mugs for Chengdu stores!
Texan bluebonnets. Because I learned during our very first posting (Houston) that there's nothing prettier in the spring than the meadows of Texas.
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Just an FYI, the motorcycle is not necessarily part of your HHE. More importantly, the reason the MCD didn't know is because State doesn't have the final say...the importing country does. For instance, in India, a motorcycle is considered a POV and must be shipped as such. You will then use/lose your one POV w/dip tags allotment. Other countries may allow the motorcycle as part of HHE and thus you could still ship a car.

The shipping as HHE scenario would be extremely helpful if a family were going to a post that had a long commute between Embassy/consulate and home. The employee could use the motorcycle for commuting and leave car at home for family use.

Anyway, there you go...for a change, has nothing to do with State, it's all up to your new host country. Hope that helps!


I read the part about the clean shaven at FLETC, and I was confussed. Ben and some of his classmates had a beard growing content during FLETC. So I asked him. They were allowed to have beards, but he has a feeling that they might have ruined it for everyone. Sorry James, and anyone else that can't have facial hair.
To Ben's credit, it might not have been just because their hair growing contest, there might be someone new in charge that is a little more strict. I don't know. Things change.

The "clean shaven" question made me laugh. The number of times I've had beard/mustache growing contests with my colleagues overseas... well, OK, the answer to that is twice. But still: it's a federal job, and they can't make you shave. Or take out your earrings. Or get your tattoos removed.

A Daring Adventure

@ Jen! That is so interesting! The person who emailed me about the motorcycle was actually going to be doing a domestic-to-domestic move, not an overseas move. So I guess an overseas move would be super different!

@ Emily - GEE THANKS, BEN!! :) (Just kidding)

Basically, James' class got in a tug of war/power struggle at FLETC over facial hair and were finally (a couple of weeks into FLETC) required to all universally and uniformly clean-shave. I seriously can't understand what the big 'ol deal is over facial hair and why they couldn't have all just kept their facial hair, but no one consulted me! :)


No facial hair at FLETC? Mike and his classmates took advantage of being away from their wives and girlfriends to grow facial hair that was as crazy as possible.

And I see someone else also weighed in on motorcycles. Mike's trying to decide if he buys one in India or brings one in with us. We're buying our car there, so we have our POV allotment to use for one. Burundi, however, didn't really care and we know people who brought three in their HHE plus had their POV.

Melissa V

These are fantastic and unexpected questions! If anyone is wondering about beards for FSO Generalists, I'm in A-100 right now, and there are at least three guys with beards in my class.


Great post! Useful info! I had read about the moving process and was fully expecting our movers to have a scale but they didn't. They just eyed our UAB and basically told us when we had reached our limit. When we got our stuff in DC and I looked at the documents it turned out they were off by about 75 lb. That's 75 more pounds we could have had for stuff to use during training that we didn't get because they didn't have a scale. Oh, well...


I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I'm sure glad I did. It looks like I've hit the mother load of DoS blogs! My husband is a DS agent as well (in Houston actually) and we're just starting the bidding process for our first overseas post (fingers crossed we actually get one). I can't wait to read all about your adventures.

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James loves me. And our sons. And his job. But not having his picture taken. In 2011 he finished up over a year and half of training, and in the fall of 2011 we got to our first overseas post - Chengdu, China!
Mao says hi! Because Chengdu is one of the only cities in China with a Mao statue.
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Colorful! (Inside a Chengdu ancient Buddhist monastery.)
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