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The time in Chengdu, China

Chengdu: city of fabulous food and beautiful Buddhist monasteries!
Yes, Beijing's Forbidden City (pictured, above) is really pretty and all, but I like Chengdu much better than Beijing!

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One of the most intriguing things about Chengdu is that it is a seamless blend of ancient and modern... all together, side by side.

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The grounds of Chengdu monasteries can be very, very peaceful...even though they are smack dab in the heart of a city of millions of people.


Yes, there are Starbucks in Chengdu! All over the place, in fact. So much so, Starbucks even crafted mugs for Chengdu stores!
Texan bluebonnets. Because I learned during our very first posting (Houston) that there's nothing prettier in the spring than the meadows of Texas.
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Thank you this is most helpful! I am a newbie and don't know where I'll be going but started making preliminary lists of stuff and I think I am officially back to the state of "chuck it all" and aside from my soft toilet paper and sturdy paper towels--I'll just adapt and make do on the local economy! Perhaps the few things that are "must haves" I can split between my luggage and UAB??

Also, do you think what happened had to do with where you were going i.e. do all consumable shipments to China tend to "sit" somewhere unforgiving or is this a common thing with many consumable shipments.

Anyways, thank you so much for this info! It is much appreciated.

A Daring Adventure


Tracy, that's a good question. I mean, on one hand, shipments to China do end up taking a very long time.

On the other hand, China's climate can tend to be less hot that, you know, other places. So if my stuff did sit in, say, Chengdu or Shanghai or wherever for quite a while before it was sent on to us, well... if we had been assigned to a hotter-climate type of place, our stuff may have gotten even hotter still during the journey, I would think. But since this is our first overseas assignment, I have nothing with which to compare it.


How strange, it really does seem like your consumables did "pass thru the gates of hell"! I shipped alot of consumables in my HHE and everything survived, even the glass jars that the stupid movers didnt even bother to wrap up. They somehow survived intact! And all my stuff was shipped at the end of summer... I think China just sucks overall ;)


Wow, China really makes you work for your consumables! This post is great though. Everybody going to post needs to have an honest list like this from someone who knows.
Also - to respond to Tracy - it certainly makes a big difference where you go. My consumables shipment to Lagos came in a couple months and nothing at all was ruined. And Nigeria is way hotter than Chengdu (right?) It seems like a bit of a crap shoot in the end.


Thank you all for the feedback...does indeed sound like a crapshoot!


I decided to wait until I had been at post for a significant period of time before doing a consummables shipment. Thinking that I would do a better job--I was wrong. I did concentrate on liquids--since we are very limited on our liquids at a pouch post. I should have ordered fewer chips. I can get them through the pouch ( is great) and they do not last the two month travel time and then the months on my shelves. I feel your pain.


How, HOW did your stuff overheat on the way to China but all my crap came to Djibouti (you know, MORDOR) just fine?!?!

Mind. Blown.

A Daring Adventure


I don't know, Camille! I guess I'm... just... lucky?



OK. A couple of things are confusing here, so please bear with me while I work through them. So, you haven't actually wasted money until bugs come, and at that point it's OK to pitch the crawling food, right? And the reason you have Mt. Saint Raisins is because the little buggers haven't shown up yet, O.K? So, well, since you only have about a month before you leave, what happens if the petrified mountain is still not writhing with insects in August? Does that mean that in order not to squander James' paycheck you have to eat it? Or perhaps fashion a sculpture out of it? Turn it into a coffee table? OOOoooh, I know! You can make the boys consume it. WOW! We'd all pay money to see your 105 pounds forcing 6'4" Matthew to down shovels of brown Parmesan cheese. What a beautiful thing, and at that point, being subsidized by our admission tickets, you won't have wasted a dime. Ah. When you least expect it, children,friends and family can be so beneficial in the bigger picture. OK! Now I get it. However, let me make one suggestion if Plan A fails. Whatever is left, have a party the night before you depart. Really, nobody will be the wiser.


Tell James that your rancid food looks just like every "potluck" @ my Inlaws' Family Reunions! LOL!!!


Hey BTW, Did I somehow miss the announcement of your next Duty Station? Hope its a good one with lots of singing birds :0)

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Mao says hi! Because Chengdu is one of the only cities in China with a Mao statue.
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Colorful! (Inside a Chengdu ancient Buddhist monastery.)
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